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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Making a Video Game - Part 1

By David

Yup, that's right. We're making a game for the iPhone/iPad.

As a kid, I loved playing games. I loved eating mushrooms while riding Yoshi in Super Mario World. I loved perving with Leisure Suit Larry. I loved shooting my team members in Counter-Strike. Who the hell would've thought that Alvin and I might end up making a game one day? I wouldn't have.  

Right now, we are in heavy discussions on the plot.

SPOILER: It may or may not be about a diamond necklace and it may or may not involve a dead guy.

Here's my Microsoft Paint sketch of a diamond necklace (Alvin's illustration will be much better).

Stay tuned. Bye!



And now a word from the bros:

We're building an awesome video game app, so we need cash bad! Please help this nutso project of ours come to life by making a small PayPal donation. With your donation, you'll be able to help us hire developers and put a bright new game into phones and tablets worldwide.

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