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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My Super Sentai!

by Alvin

Did you miss me?

I know its been yonks since my last post (my shiva like arms applaude David covering for me), but my 3rd semester of TAFE has been hell: the largest workload so far on top of a certain a-hole of a teacher = the eleventh circle of hell where I'm not as satisfied with my overall standard of work as I was last year..

it's been challenging to say it in "lame-man's" terms (hehe).. but at least I've come out of it with some bruises on my ego, repairable, damaged limbs & a love for deserving procrastination..

sleep & health are 2 things I've siphoned back into my life now that I'm on my semester break.  & during that time; alone in bed as I try to fit in a few moments of imaginative indulgence.  I've grown obsessed with trying to come up with a unique concept for a tactical, squad shooter game, ala ghost recon, mass effect & maybe even as far as calling MGS an example..

you won't believe how many concepts have fleeted in and out of my mind, & how many that have been chosen - only to be scrapped the next morning/night of pre-sleep imaginings, for another that was scrapped previously before this was scrapped or chosen before it was scrapped.. gaaah! the world just exploded!

you can see I'm not as good at this as I was when I was younger, but for fear of getting trapped in a cycle of indecisiveness - one idea has always been an underlying theme: a Super Sentai type of concept, whereby the members of the squad aren't hardened marines, or a task force of special agents.. but rather a team of "Power Ranger/Gatchaman" sorts fighting against an invading alien threat.. no camp, cheesiness or light hearted drama either - I'm thinking a bit of appropriate grit & realism that can be afforded for such an outlandish setting/theme, mixed with violence, headshots, aliens consuming humans, blood, gore, character development & adult themes.. think of gatchaman before the US took it's censorship scalpel to its beautiful brain..

I know you can see it as vividly as I can:

  • imagine a mix of tactical, cover based shooting, with transitional melee based action
  • on the fly ordering the other members of your sentai group to use their skills to shoot or melee attack.. 
  • then add an experience point system where you can purchase "perks" to augment your combat & survival potency
  • the levels you've racked up with said exp. - unlocking new "weaponry" to use/add to your arsenal
  • full weapon customisation & equipment outfitting of your sentai force

 .. then imagine having robots too in the mix!!!  OH MY!

lucky for me, I started conceptualising my own sentai force for a comic I didn't end up putting anymore effort into - which was good, because I constantly reworked the designs; becoming more realistic than being a qute XD type of style..

being out of touch with drawing for a while: this pic of Falcon-O - the leader of my "gatchaman" type force, took all day to do..

his other 2 team-mates are in similar garb, so you can get a feel for their designs as a whole (& I'll release new images of them as time progresses) - but they'll specialise in different "things".. sadly I haven't thought off a proper name for their group or any villains or a story or ANYTHING for that matter - the XD version of them was called "Super Ninja WingMen".. which I want to change into something less tacky; more catchy & serious..

now, hopefully I won't lose interest in this indulgence of mine.. but we'll see how it goes..

It's good to be back at least..



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