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Monday, June 20, 2011

New "Donate" button!

by Alvin

David may have hinted upon - in an early post - that amongst our endless project opportunities, we're working on a game app for the iphone.

We've kept things a bit vague; a bit secret squirrel on the matter - but because you've passed the ancient ritual test of friendship, I have no reason not to think of you as fellow petrified stones.  David & I are working on essentially a digital comic book app - but with a twist!: interactive gameplay elements interwoven within the story & panel navigation.. I know right, exciting stuff!

Okay, I recognise Square Enix brought out a similar app - but I promise you we didn't hear any word of its development prior to it being released, so in our books we're still creating something revolutionary, hehe..

And here's where our friendship comes in - it takes a few chests of cursed spanish gold to get this off the ground, & we're working on the pre-production requirements; accumulating all the hidden treasure maps we have to find the funding we need, along the way.. but we wont look down on any helpful hand.

Any spare doubloons or ancient solidus' you have from your plundering days - that you wish to part with, to help us finish our dream project for you (our fans, friends, family, fellow gamers; geeks, & connoisseurs of all things awesome almighty).  David & I will appreciate to the high heavens your contribution & will reward you with an awesome app ready for your hungry iphone.

The Donate button is on the right, below our profile - or underneath this in case you want to see how sexy it could be without our profile pimping it up..

In advance: Thankyou.. if you subscribe to our blog, you'll get word via our chimpanzee delivery service: updates on how our app developing is going - it's hard work creating a game, but it's hella fun!



And now a word from the bros:

We're building an awesome video game app, so we need cash bad! Please help this nutso project of ours come to life by making a small PayPal donation. With your donation, you'll be able to help us hire developers and put a bright new game into phones and tablets worldwide.

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